Clubstand op NewMINIClub Live (MINI's and Mini's only) (GD) - zondag 19 augustus 2018


Op zondag 19 augstus is er weer een gezellige meeting in Duiven. Dat wordt weer een gezellig dagje Mini's kijken en genieten. De Mini Seven Club Nederland is ook aanwezig en we zoeken nog mensen die het leuk vinden hun Mini/MINI op onze stand neer te zetten. Lijkt jou dat wat? Neem dan contact op met Natascha.


De uitnodiging en alle info:

Dear MINI drivers,

Sunday 19-8-2018 Antoine Detilion & NewMINIClub Netherlands are organizing �“NewMINIclub Live” 

This event was formerly known as MINI’s and French Fries in 2016 & 2017. But because of the enormous grow of the number of MINI’s that came to our event, it is no longer possible to stay in Antoine's neighborhood location that we used in the past two years. So, we looked for a new location and we think that this new location is even better than the old one.

This is how we are going to organize it for 2018.

Location: Duiven (town Centre)
Start: 11:00h
Ends: 17:00h
Entrance fee: € 5,- per person
Maximum MIN’s: 225
How to register: Leave a message on and mention “I will be there with .. persons "
When arriving: Traffic controllers will guide you to your parking spot / festival terrain.

There are enough rest rooms / toilets in Antoine’s bakery and around the terrain.

The event is getting too big for us to give the food and a drink for free, so we ask a polite € 5,- entrance fee per person.
The driver of the MINI gets a goody bag with a rally shield, water bottle and a voucher for a fresh Sandwich and something to drink, this can be collected in Antoine’s bakery located on the festival terrain. 
Co drivers get a voucher for a fresh Sandwich out of Antoine’s own bakery, a coffee, tea or some other refreshment, and of course the typical Dutch “Knabbel stengel”, a secret recipe of Antoine.
On the same day and next to our festival terrain, a Blues and Jazz festival is being organized in the town Centre of Duiven.
So lots to do, see, listen and interact for everybody.

1 kind request, please try to pay the entrance fee with appropriate money / a €5,- bill pp.
We really look forward meeting you all again in the town Centre of Duiven.
See you all there!!

More info:

Site van de organisatie